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Dynasty arturo Andrade
Dynasty adds Arturo Andrade to the 2018 roster

San Diego Dynasty has added Arturo Andrade to the team’s 2018 roster. Arturo is arguably the most talented and versatile player to ever come out of Mexico. This is a great opportunity for the team to add some new talent to keep players striving to be their best. Arturo is a versatile player who will spice things up on the field for Dynasty. READ MORE…

2017 NXL World Cup Layout
2017 NXL WORLD CUP Layout

The culmination of the NXL season is upon us as we are headed to the ever so famous WORLD CUP of Paintball! This is THE BIGGEST event in the WORLD!! Download your 2017 NXL World Cup Layout now and get your game plans organized ASAP! There is no denying that this is the most important event of your paintball career so take the necessary steps to prepare yourselves in every way possible!

Healthy morning start
Healthy Morning Start

The word DIET, makes me just cringe a little. You see, the temptations of deliciousness are constantly flanking us around every turn.  Plus, for me, traveling is the biggest thing that stands in my way of staying on track with a diet.  When I am home, however, I can get back on schedule and stick to a healthier regiment. This begins with my Healthy Morning Start.

Swimming with whales in the wild
Whales in the Wild

A sleepy little Island town, aquamarine blue and turquoise waters and humpback whales in the wild are the recipe for an unforgettable adventure.

Book me for a Clinic?

Offer a professional training experience to your players!

Paintball Clinics

Breakout Paintball Pro Clinic with Ryan Greenspan

Breakout Paintball Pro Clinic with Ryan Greenspan

I am headed out to St Louis to Gateway Paintball (Breakout Paintball) to host a Pro Clinic.  This is a 2 day event.  I will be teaching the fundamentals of tournament paintball and the ins and outs of conditioning and becoming a better player.  This event is capped and spaces are almost all filled up so act now if you want to be part of the action!

NITRO Paintball Clinic and OPEN PLAY!

NITRO Paintball Clinic and OPEN PLAY!

On SATURDAY, February 17th I will be hosting a pro clinic, which WILL SELL OUT! Then, on SUNDAY, I will be playing with and against everyone in an open play rec day.  We will jump on some speedball and I will show you guys a thing or two in the woods!  This is a very unique and fun experience!

Boston Paintball – Combine 13

Boston Paintball – Combine 13

13 YEARS AND COUNTING…  The Boston Paintball Combine has been tradition for over a decade now! I have been fortunate enough to be part of this phenomenon for the past several years and this is an event that I look forward to year after year!

Clowns Vs. Zombies 7 – Big Game at Paintball Explosion

Clowns Vs. Zombies 7 – Big Game at Paintball Explosion

Join myself, Alex Fraige and Yosh Rau for Clowns Vs. Zombies 7 at Paintball Explosion on October 15th! Don’t miss out on one of the best events of the year!

Videos to Watch


This is the story of three ill prepared sailors venturing off on a journey that was a little bit outside of our comfort zone. The purpose of our journey was to sail our 27ft boat down the Baja, Mexico coast and donate her to a needy fishing village that had been affected by the recent hurricanes.

Q&A with Ryan Greenspan vol. 3

In this edition of “Ask Ryan,” I have special guest, Oliver Lang on answering YOUR QUESTIONS!!! This is one of the best opportunities, outside of meeting us in person, to ask us anything!!

World Cup Champions // Professional Paintball

Relive the 2015 NXL World Cup Finals like never before!! Check out the amazing footage captured during the Dynasty Vs Houston Heat 2015 Finals!


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