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2019 NXL DALLAS Open Layout – Field Map Download – Ryan Greenspan

With one major event in the books, the NXL heads to a familiar place; Dallas, TX!  Event one is down and we have four more majors events left! Today, we must focus on getting familiar with the 2019 NXL Dallas Open layout. So lets get to work with some fresh clean field maps for you and your team!

Ryan Greenspan says Drink more spring water
What Ingredients are in your Water? Spring Water

Your body needs water, but what kind of water is the best for your body? Is there a difference between what I am drinking and what I should be drinking? What are the ingredients of your water? you’d be surprised to know that it isn’t always just water…

Fully Activated CBD LOGO
Dynasty Becomes FULLY ACTIVATED!

It is an honor and a pleasure to be sponsoring and ‘Fully Activating’ San Diego Dynasty, the best tournament paintball team in the history of the sport.  Their dedication, consistency, positive energy, and incredible track record reflect our company values. READ MORE…

BKI Breakdown NXL Las Vegas Open 2019
2019 NXL Las Vegas Open Layout – Field Map Download

And here we are, again… Back on the grind and back to VEGAS BABY! Let’s see who will start things off in 2019 with a WIN a the 2019 NXL Las Vegas Open. PLACE YOUR BETS LADIES AND GENTLEMEN!!

Book me for a Clinic?

Offer a professional training experience to your players!

Paintball Clinics

BKI Pro Paintball Summer Camp – July 24-28

BKI Pro Paintball Summer Camp – July 24-28

We want to make it really clear, this isn’t just another Summer Paintball Camp to help players learn the ins and outs of tournament paintball. You will learn, but you will experience so much more…

-2018- Clowns Vs. Zombies 8 – Big Game at Paintball Explosion

-2018- Clowns Vs. Zombies 8 – Big Game at Paintball Explosion

Clowns Vs. Zombies is back at Paintball Explosion on October 14th! Join Yosh Rau, Wolf and I on the Zombie team as we battle it out against the Clowns. Don’t miss out on one of the best events of the year!

Carolina Paintball Pro Clinic with Ryan Greenspan

Carolina Paintball Pro Clinic with Ryan Greenspan

I am excited to head out to the Carolina Paintball Park to host a Pro Paintball Clinic on OCTOBER 20-21 weekend.   I will be teaching the fundamentals of tournament paintball and the ins and outs of conditioning in order to become a better player.  This event is capped and spaces will fill up so act now if you want to be part of the action!  

BKI Pro Paintball Summer Camp July 25-29

BKI Pro Paintball Summer Camp July 25-29

The BIGGEST Pro Paintball training event EVER to hit the WORLD is coming JULY 25-29!    This has been a long time in the making, a true Professional Paintball Summer

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This is the story of three ill prepared sailors venturing off on a journey that was a little bit outside of our comfort zone. The purpose of our journey was to sail our 27ft boat down the Baja, Mexico coast and donate her to a needy fishing village that had been affected by the recent hurricanes.

Q&A with Ryan Greenspan vol. 3

In this edition of “Ask Ryan,” I have special guest, Oliver Lang on answering YOUR QUESTIONS!!! This is one of the best opportunities, outside of meeting us in person, to ask us anything!!

World Cup Champions // Professional Paintball

Relive the 2015 NXL World Cup Finals like never before!! Check out the amazing footage captured during the Dynasty Vs Houston Heat 2015 Finals!


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