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Spivo Travel Lens – Wide Angle and Macro Lens Mount

If you have watched any of my travel Vlogs in the past, you would have noticed my favorite travel “Go-Pole,” the Spivo Stick. Now the Spivo crew have added a new weapon to their travel arsenal with the new Spivo Travel Lens. Now we can go full wide angle and capture the world in even more glory with the Spivo Travel Lens.

NXL Atlantic City Field Breakdown BKI
2018 NXL Atlantic City Open Layout – Field Map Download – Ryan Greenspan

Place your bets! The midway point in the season is upon us as event three moves back out east for the NXL Atlantic City Open.  The NXL Atlantic City Open field layout looks pretty interesting with the dorito side merging with the snake side of the field.  

BKI Paintball – Stressed Cross Field Shots

In this cross-field shooting drill from BKI Paintball, I added a few elements to make things more difficult for you. In our ever-evolving quest to make individual drills more challenging for the players, we try to mimic game time scenarios as much as possible. READ MORE…

brain overheating
Beanies and Overheating; When Style can Impact Performance.

You remember that old anti drug campaign of the splattered egg frying in the pan; “This is your brain on drugs?” Did you know that cognitive functions decrease more than 15% as a result of your ambient temperature rising above 90 degrees?

Book me for a Clinic?

Offer a professional training experience to your players!

Paintball Clinics

BKI Pro Paintball Summer Camp July 25-29

BKI Pro Paintball Summer Camp July 25-29

The BIGGEST Pro Paintball training event EVER to hit the WORLD is coming JULY 25-29!    This has been a long time in the making, a true Professional Paintball Summer
Outdoor Adventures Pro Paintball Clinic August 4th

Outdoor Adventures Pro Paintball Clinic August 4th

Join Marcello Margott and Ryan Greenspan for a Pro Paintball Clinic at the Outdoor Adventures Park on August 4th at the Outdoor Adventures Park in Fremont, WI.   The Dream
Ryan Greenspan Pro Paintball Clinic – KTM Resort – INDONESIA

Ryan Greenspan Pro Paintball Clinic – KTM Resort – INDONESIA

I am calling on all of my Southeast Asian friends and fans to come out to the BEAUTIFUL KTM Resort on the Island of Batam, Indonesia for a weekend of fun and paintball!! I am EXCITED to announce that I will be back at the KTM Resort on the Island of Batam in INDONESIA APRIL 6-8!! Contact the KTM resort for more info and to signup!

Breakout Paintball Pro Clinic with Ryan Greenspan *VENUE CHANGE

Breakout Paintball Pro Clinic with Ryan Greenspan *VENUE CHANGE

I am headed out to St Louis to Gateway Paintball (Breakout Paintball) to host a Pro Clinic.  This is a 2 day event.  I will be teaching the fundamentals of tournament paintball and the ins and outs of conditioning and becoming a better player.  This event is capped and spaces are almost all filled up so act now if you want to be part of the action!

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This is the story of three ill prepared sailors venturing off on a journey that was a little bit outside of our comfort zone. The purpose of our journey was to sail our 27ft boat down the Baja, Mexico coast and donate her to a needy fishing village that had been affected by the recent hurricanes.

Q&A with Ryan Greenspan vol. 3

In this edition of “Ask Ryan,” I have special guest, Oliver Lang on answering YOUR QUESTIONS!!! This is one of the best opportunities, outside of meeting us in person, to ask us anything!!

World Cup Champions // Professional Paintball

Relive the 2015 NXL World Cup Finals like never before!! Check out the amazing footage captured during the Dynasty Vs Houston Heat 2015 Finals!


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