Dynasty Paintball Team


Professional training is proven to enhance performance, encourage growth, increase confidence and provide the necessary skill sets & tools you need to increase your level of play.

Field Owners: Host a Dynasty training clinic at your field to generate revenue, boost sales, increase customer relations or to just have some fun! Field Owners in the past have seen an increase of players after hosting a Dynasty Clinic.

Team Owners/Captains: Setup a Dynasty training clinic with your team to learn new skills, drills and tactics that will help boost team moral and get you to that podium finish you’ve been looking for or bump you up to the next divisional level.

Each clinic is designed around the players and skill levels in attendance.  Clinics can be setup for individual days, multiple days or even in conjunction with a major event in the area!

Course Coverage (not limited to):

  • Preparation – warm ups
  • Snap Shooting
  • Running and shooting
  • Sliding and Diving
  • Strategy
  • Attacking and Defending
  • Full Teamwork Drills
  • BKI Combine Challenge Drills
  • …Much More
Ryan greenspan paintball training

“I have been playing and teaching paintball, professionally, for nearly two decades now and I am still learning new aspects of the game.  I am constantly pushing myself to arraign higher levels in the game and to keep my skills as sharp as possible.  There is no skill level to low, nor too high that couldn’t benefit from on of our Dynasty Clinics.”

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Contact  [email protected]  for booking info, rates or any other questions regarding a Dynasty Clinic.

**When you host a Dynasty Clinic, your field/store/event is granted rights to use the likeness of the player as well as the Dynasty marks for promotional materials leading up to and for the duration of the event.  This includes, but is not limited to, social media posts, flyers, posters, event shirts, etc.

Clinic Testimonials

“We host the Boston Paintball Combine every year in an effort to place tournament players with competitive teams in the area. Even among the superstars of paintball, Ryan sets himself apart with his ability to communicate what he does to be successful on and off the field to players of all ages and skill levels. I have had Ryan return three years running and I work closely with him during the year to innovate and work towards creating a better product and better combine experience for our players. Ryan is always very engaging and enthusiastic when it comes to running a successful paintball clinic. We are happy to continue working with Ryan in the future and expanding our combine tradition for years to come!”

Anthony Vitale, Boston Paintball

“We have had Ryan Greenspan out for the second year in a row and both times have been a first class experience! His love for the growth of the sport is rejuvenating, and that passion shows in the clinic and also when he is just hanging out with everyone. I highly recommend any field to invest in their players by bringing Ryan out to their field. And one of the most amazing things that blew my mind was his attention and memory to the players and what they were doing. I am still in awe thinking about how much he remembered about each player even the following day after they played, what position they played each point they played and what they did correct/wrong…mind blowing! Thank you for another great clinic and for the great advice on and off the field!”

Damien Parcells, Levena Paintball

I attended the Carolina clinic you hosted. I wanted to say thank you for all your help. I was a bully on the field, I kept myself alive and didn’t throw away my body, and most importantly exploded off the box. My team made it to Sunday with a 6-1-1 record top sead in or bracket. Sunday was not our day unfortunately but first national event finished 19th over all out of 68. I really appreciate your help and support.

Stephen Harper

‘Ryan Greenspan´s clinics have been a great instructional and team building tool for which we have been able to build some of the most successful South American teams from. He continues to be a critical piece to our annual All Inclusive clinics from Primelink. Ryan has been a coach at these events for the past three years and we can’t wait to have him back again soon!’

Tony Perez, President – Primelink

“I would like to give much thanks to Ryan Greenspan for an amazing clinic. The preparation prior to the clinic is what I found most surprising. Ryan took the time to sit down with me and ask questions regarding the guys who were attending to get a better handle on their skill set. Once Ryan and I discussed this, he understood where the team was in regards to skills, character and pretty much their mind set. We talked about goals and what was working and what was not. Most importantly, he asked what I and my team were looking to get from his clinic so he had a better understanding of what our expectations were. Keep in mind that this is all prior to even stepping on the turf. With that said, once we commenced the clinic Ryan was able to develop specific drills that tested our players, pushing them as if they were in real game scenario’s. Holding back and taking it easy just because they were drills was not an option. He had all the information regarding their abilities and what they were capable of, so giving any less during the clinic was not good enough. Ryan not only coached our guys but pushed them to perform at their best level while at the same time explaining to them why and giving reason to his madness. I cannot say enough about Ryan’s professionalism. Thank you Ryan. After 9 hours of continuous drilling in 100 + -degree weather with minimal breaks you left a lasting impression on the team. Did I forget to mentioned that after all was said and done not one single point was played but we got more from that clinic then we could have ever expected. No complaints here… Thanks Ryan, until the next one.”

Victor Gamboa, Elite Paintball