Millennium Mediterranean Cup

The final match, which is viewable on the FaceFull and Millennium Series Facebook pages, was a nail biter! There were some last second heroics from our very own Yosh Rau to get a three pack and hit the buzzer with SIX SECONDS left on the clock!

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Tyler Harmon UWL 2017

Back to our Roots

The UWL (Ultimate Woodsball League) has gotten a ton of hype over the past few years and for some good reasons that I learned at the most recent UWL event in Southern California.

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Dynasty parts ways with Planet Eclipse

After a long, supportive, and successful partnership, San Diego Dynasty, the World’s top professional paintball team is parting ways with the Planet Eclipse family.

“We’ve been extremely fortunate to be part of the Planet Eclipse family for the past six years,” said Alex Fraige, Captain of San Diego Dynasty. ”

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