Ryans Travels: Victoria Falls

Ryan’s Travels: Victoria Falls

“Remember, you are in Africa and there are HEAPS of parasites in the water! You will surely get diarrhea if it gets in your mouth.” Warned the manager of my hotel. That ominous warning loomed in my mind as I was coughing up and blowing water out of my nose…

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Holiday Gift Guide!

The holiday spirit has been invading since the day you threw your rotten pumpkin in the trash! What comes with holidays? That’s right, GIFTS!!! So let me lay out some of my favorites in my personal Holiday Gift Guide!

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2016 NXL WORLD CUP Layout Released

The World Cup is right around the corner and our final layout of the season has been released! There is no real way of knowing what is going to happen on this field layout until you get some solid field time in and you practice. Preparation is key, and just like practicing the field, you have to prepare to fight against your opponents. READ MORE

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SPIVO STICK Review and Demo

Let me introduce you to the SPIVO STICK, the last Go-Pro pole item that you will ever need to buy!  The SPIVO STICK is not your run of the mill, “Go-Pole.”  What sets the Spivo stick apart from all the other standard issue sticks out there is Spivo’s ability to rotate the camera 180° with the simple push of a button!

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Signature Series Ryan Greenspan

Ryan Greenspan Signature Series

For the last several years, PE has offered me my own signature series marker. It started with my first design of an EGO11, which I can safely say wasn’t my best design work. But, I have alway kept with a similar theme that has resonated…READ MORE

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