Sponsor HK Army Logo 2

When Dynasty and HK ARMY partnered up several years ago, we both hit the ground running! The team got a much needed makeover and HK gave us a new birth into their marketing machine.  HK ARMY launched innovative product after product and we have been proud to be their flagship team every since.

Ryan Greenspan World Cup Champion 2015 NXL Paintball

HK ARMY is a heavy hitter in nearly every category within paintball.  The KLR Goggles are some of the best and unique evert invented.  The TFX loader doesn’t jam and keeps a tight and ergonomic profile.  Their Freeline pants are some of the lightest weight and most comfortable on the market.  HK are also the industry leaders in the jersey game. They created the industry standard for custom designed jerseys.

This partnership will be around for years to come and HK will keep Dynasty looking fresh, young and cool while Dynasty keeps the winning train rolling.

Ryan Greenspan - NXL Dallas 2016