hand sanitizer spray

Homemade Hand Sanitizer Spray!

There is a Hand Sanitizer craze in the US at the moment, and rightfully so. I recently ran out of hand sanitizer, because I don’t keep stockpiles at home. So I did what anyone would do when they are sitting at home trying to figure out what to do for the day, I MADE MY OWN!

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Spivo Video Editing Service Menu

SPIVO Video Editing Service

I am sure that EVERYONE can understand the struggle of having heaps and heaps of travel and event videos sitting in random folders taking up space in a hard drive on your computer.  Editing videos is a tedious process and sorting through hours of footage can be painstaking.  Soooooo, why not have a professional do it?  Too expensive maybe?  I think NOT!  Introducing the TRAVEL VIDEO EDITING SERVICE from SPIVO!

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2019 NXL Philly Open Layout – Field Map Download – Ryan Greenspan

With two event down and the series titles still up for grabs, the NXL heads to a new territory; Philadelphia!  Event three is a major pivot point to securing great seeding leading into the last two events! Today, we must focus on getting familiar with the 2019 NXL Philly Open layout. So lets get to work with some fresh clean field maps for you and your team!

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